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If Here you will find over 200.000 articles and products from all the top producers and brands from all over the world.

TENAK LabMarket offers a one-stop shop for all your laboratory equipment & consumables from brands you know and trust.

We have also partnered up with a selected few producers which we call Star brands since we have found their products and services especially exceptional.

To acquire login credentials, email our CEO Morten Holm at moh[at]tenak.com and you will be assisted further.

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The TENAK LabMarket Star brands 

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Nordic Lab
Greiner Bio-One
TENAK is a leading manufacturer of inventory systems for use in Ultra Low temperature freezers and LN2 freezers. TENAK is the largest producer in Europe with customers world wide.

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A Danish producer of Low and Ultra Low temperature freezers for laboratory use. Nordic Lab is specialized in small sized and/or inexpensive freezers which are complementary to the large sized freezers from all the major freezer brands.

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An Austrian producer whos expertise lies in the development of products for clinical diagnostics, the pharmaceutical and diagnostics industries and biotechnology.


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A German producer of environmental simulation chambers such as Incubaters, Growth chambers, heating chambers, ULT freezers etc. BINDER is one of the leading manufacturer within their field.

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