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Laboratory consumables from all well-known manufactures, in high quality at competitive prices.
TENAK Africa can provide you with every kind of consumables for your everyday needs, whether it is pipettes, tubes, dispensers, gloves, vials or racks.

TENAK Africa covers laboratory consumables for all laboratory fields and applications. We supply consumables from VWR, Fisher, Corning, Nunc and Becton Dickinson along with many others.
We only supply the best quality products on the market at the best possible prices.
Laboratory Consumables Examples:
Tubes, Dispensers, Gloves, Vials,  Racks, Syringe filters, Towels, Beakers, Pipette tips, Bottles, Face masks, Flasks, Brushes, Buckets. Bulbs, Burettes, Filter papers, Goggles, Safety shoes, Clamps, Clips, Crucibles, Cryovials, Cryo boxes, Cylinders, Desiccators, Sieves, Foil, Para film, Petri dishes, Stoppers, Scalpels, Dispensers, Swabs, Thermometers, Funnels, Slides, Biohazard bags, Bags, Labels, Needles, Porcelain, Protective aprons, clothing, face shields, glasses, sleeves, suits, Pumps, Safety containers, Stopwatches, Tapes, Tongs, Trays, Art tips

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We are able to deliver any type of equipment for laboratories; instruments, apparatus, consumables, chemicals and reagents. All our products come from the largest brands in the world.

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Here you will find over 200.000 differents laboratory articles and it is constantly growing with new products.
TENAK Africa are able to provide you with the best products at the lowest prices from the most respected suppliers and manufactures in the world.

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Tenak Africa covers almost 20 African countries through our 12 local African partners. Find and contact your local partner here.

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