MortenCorporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

TENAK Africa considers CSR as responsible business practice. Therefore, responsibility and sustainability are deeply rooted aspects of our business conduct. This takes initial point in our fundamental acknowledgement that we are part of the societies in which we operate. TENAK Africa is a small scale distributor of laboratory equipment but we have a wide variety of stakeholders. Apart from our suppliers and direct customers, our business also impacts other stakeholders like students and the general public.

Our ambitions are therefore to actively assist the development and growth of the African laboratory markets for the support of sustainable societies.

We believe that long-term business success should be founded on both economic, environmental, and societal terms. Our vision is that our business should participate in preventing deceases and crime in Africa. To achieve this we take on both a narrow and a broad approach. By engaging in tender business with African governments and ministries, we have a top down pathway to make a difference. With our many years of experience and expertise we are able to source for the newest consumables and energy saving apparatus. Simultaneously, our day-to-day trade assists the supply to hospitals and laboratories both locally and regionally.

Through our partnership business model we aim to build up business together with African companies through dialogue and knowledge sharing. This model is fostered on the idea that sustainability is a process of creating change. TENAK Africa wishes to create change for better health and welfare conditions in Africa. Our partnerships allow us to go gain a deeper understanding and awareness of our stakeholders’ needs and expectations. Consequently our support for innovation within the African laboratory markets creates value both for society at large, as well as for our business.

Morten Holm
Managing director

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