• HIGH QUALITY LABORATORY FREEZERSTENAK Africa are pleased to introduce the new ULT -86⁰ C freezers from Nordic Freeze
  • LEADING SUPPLIERS & MANUFACTURESHigh quality products for all laboratory applications
  • COMPANY PROFILE - 'MEET' USWe are experts in delivering and handling laboratory equipment and consumables in Africa
  • EQUIPMENT & PRODUCTS FOR LABORATORY USETENAK Africa is your one-stop shop for laboratory apparatus, instruments, consumables, chemicals and reagents/kits
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laboratory equipment - tenak africa is your 'one-stop' supplier  

Instrumenter 220x147 Apparatus 220x147 Consumables 220x147 Chemical woman testTube 220x147
We are able to deliver any type of instruments for laboratory use in Africa. All our products come from the most respected brands in the world.

Laboratory instruments
We are able to provide you with every kind of laboratory apparatus like freezers, incubators, autoclaves, micro plate readers, ovens etc.
Laboaratory Apparatus
TENAK Africa are able to provide you with every kind of consumable for your everyday needs, whether it is pipettes, tubes, dispensers, gloves, vials or racks.

Laboratory Consumables
TENAK Africa provides you with not only the best chemicals at the lowest prices but also all the necessary documents and certificates.

Laboratory Chemicals
Lifescience DNA 220x147 Frysere samlet 220x147 Labortop no bg 220x147 kort lys 220x147
TENAK Africa offers a comprehensive range of kits and reagents for lifescience use, in nucleic acid isolation as well as enzymes, reagents and additives.

Products for Life Science applications
High Quality ULT Laboratory freezers from TENAK Africas new brand - Nordic Freeze. Some of the most economic and cost efficient ULT Freezers on the market.
More about our ULT Freezers
Download the latest LaborTops from Tenak Africa. In our Labortops you will find a wide range of consumables and special offers.

Download the latest Labortop
Tenak Africa covers almost 20 African countries through our 12 local African partners. Find and contact your local partner here.

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